End of diesel overland travelling in Europe.

Dave 2000

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I am in spain
Mar 26, 2010
Sunny Spain
Unless anyone has not realised it yet, this is all about money, nothing else.

Just veering a little of topic but ultimately proving a point, many years ago lengths of the A13 into London went through major upgrades, some bridges were knocked down and replaced with underpasses or if you like another bridge just upside down. I had been asked to deliver some aggregate during the construction , it was to be used as foundations for the multiple speed cameras to be installed, for fun I pointed out to the banksman that cameras were only to be installed where certain parameters had been met i.e. X amount of accidents ect. He laughed......'Oh trust me, you can be sure statistics have already been drawn up"!

I have other examples but that is just one to think about.

Just face it, whinge as much as you like if it makes you feel better, but unless you are a influential giant in the business world.......YOU WILL DO AS YOUR TOLD!


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