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Error code 19(4) for LC100


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Dec 14, 2014
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Need your help with Error code 19(4) for LC100 2006
This is the 4.2 diesel type and there are less than 10 of those in Israel ...
What to look for? Any ideas?
Any suggestions for good technical guide book ?
Thank you and happy holidays...

Found it

Welcome to the forum, Arnon.

You need the FSM for the HDJ100, which points to the Accellerator pedal sensor.
Thank you for reply,

I am waiting for answers from this website -
www amayama com

Do you familiar with this one?
Any other source for parts?

Amayama is good. They have stock in, and send from, either UAE or Japan, at different cost of parts and shipping. Only drawback is the kind of manual quotation system.

Have you had the sensor off, and determined that that's the faulty part? Otherwise you're just doing what the dealers do: Throw parts at it until the customer is broke, or it somehow repairs itself.
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True- most dealers choose the easiest and fastest way to get the job done
There are two SW in this pedal - the acceleration sensor and another one for idle mode which is simple SW
the simple SW is the defected one and I try to trick it but than I got an error code for the acceleration sensor
There is coronation between them and I could not figure out how to make it work
I order the part and will play with the bad - brain surgery ...
Maybe will find a way to upgrade this system - or replace it with a better one

Will update here when it's done

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An update on my pedal -
The new part arrived from Japan but before I gave up on the old pedal I tried to make it work
It's turned out to be easier than i thought - cleaning the SW solved the problem ...
I had the error message once a day and sometimes more and now zero!
I was trying not to get into trouble in first place so I ordered a new pedal before messing with the original
Let's see for how long it will last
Fingers crossed....

Quite a while as he hasn't messaged back. I'm having the same problem with my landcruiser 100 series