Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, any experts here?


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I am in england
Mar 1, 2010
As it says, now i'm getting old i want a car from my youth so want to get one while there are still some reasonable examples around and finding some very good ones but wondered if there was anything to watch for.
I have had Sierras in the past but this time want a 4wd Sapphire in Grey, going to enquire about the one on ebay.


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I am in uk
Mar 1, 2010
Oswestry, Shropshire.
Rust is less of a problem as most were made in Germany. Not sure how to tell but get a greman one. Also look at the rocker cover, the colour tell the engine output, if it has not been changed or painted. If you want a good one try the owners club or somewhere like seven vally motorsport.

I use to have a XR4x4 with twin turbos :mrgreen:


Gary Mead

I am in uk
Mar 29, 2010
Royal Berkshire
I had a Sapphire Cossie 2wd in moonstone blue many years ago,loved it very quick,and good to throw around.It was lowerered by the previous owner (who i knew)and the rubber strip on the bottom of the front bumper would collect anything in the road coke cans,fag packets,bricks!!
I have thought about re-living my youth also but these cars are very old and many of them had dozens of owners and mods done at various levels of expertise.Mine was chipped abit,big wheels and small tyres yokos,stainless exhaust,big stereo and of course the dump valve wwwwhhhhoooooossssshhhhhhh was the best bit of all.
what sort of year are you looking for and what sort of cash do you want to spend???most of the earlier cars were red top engines(e,f,g reg),the later were green top(j,k reg).
I used to love all that max power thing,so im just reminiscing the old days.
My Cosworth had to be sold to fund my (now wifes)new kitchen and house move,thats when you know your getting old :thumbdown:
Have you had a look at the RS owners club,they would have some proper examples for sale on there.
I have a Cosworth Specialist near me,he used to look after mine when i had so not had much to do with him for a while but still see him about in cossies
so hes still doing it,i will pop in and see him he may have some useful tips.

good luck
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