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julian - write up



saw you mentioned in a blog:
we packed up our camp and drove for abri along a dirt track riddled with
corrugations. distracted by a trapped fly in the car, we hit a rock and
punctured the right front wheel. whilst graham put on the spare, i made us a
cup of tea from the back of the trailer. that night we camped in the desert
near abri. the following morning we discovered that miranda (the
landcruiser) wouldn't start. it appeared to be an electrical problem;
something had shaken loose on the road. the only clue being every warning
light illuminated at the same time. unable to find the problem, graham
emailed (using our satellite dish) julian, a landcruiser owner/expert in the
uk, who made a few suggestions and in 5 minutes we were on our way
again..many thanks to julian.
good show! what was the problem btw?
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