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Lincomb September 7th,8th

I'd be up for a winter meet but I don't think it would be well supported, especially by the girls. Also a bit weather dependant, bad weather could cause it to be cancelled due to difficult travelling conditions. Bens leaving "do" was well supported and that was winter time if I remember correctly.

I'd be up for it as well ... although I'll be a little cautious if there is a lot of snow around as my last off road foray (back when I had the Colorado) in deep snow cost me £1.5k!! But yes, I'd be up for it.
I doubt it would work we have to good a summer which usually results in a miserable winter . Weather wouldn't bother me but i imagine Helen freezing in a tent with no gathering around the fire as such and trying to eat burgers with her mittens on . I think the novelty of bouncing around in the truck would soon wear thin if she felt she had no other option but to sit in the passenger seat if she wanted to stay warm . A one day event might be good but for many it's a long way to travel for a few hours of fun .
Looking at those video's of May I cant believe how much the undergrowth has grown, looks a totally different place.
Looking at those video's of May I cant believe how much the undergrowth has grown, looks a totally different place.

Agreed, those pictures could not be compared at all without the knowledge that its the same place. Better now IMO even if the bog hole is technically the same as it was. :icon-biggrin:
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I still don't recognize it but Helen reckons she seen it and deliberately said nothing :eusa-naughty: think she worries more about my truck than i do :icon-biggrin: , when i asked her to look at Chris's vid though she insists that wasn't the place so it certainly looks very different now than it did in May i guess .

Presenting Landcruiser in rut
Just to add Stu. Tried another bumper on a different truck and with was fine. Just got to fettle a touch.
Steve's very capable 95. Thanks for allowing me to co-drive on Saturday, it was great fun.

Thank you Scott for spotting for me it was a great weekend and as always I thoroughly enjoyed it.....A massive thank you to Tony for hosting and all the others for organizing the events and putting out the is a fantastic event and long may it continue.

Thank you to all of you that have put photots and vids of my truck on here, as a solo driver it is hard to take pics of myself in action.........

Scott as for the for the bomb hole it was a case of not being able to go back up the hill so had to take on the bomb hole which did cost me. You see the smudge on the drivers door........well that turned out to be a bit more than a smudge it is a large 'gravel rash' that takes up most of the drivers door and a part of the front wing. Fortunately I have a friend that does 'scratch away' and he recons that he can get rid of it for me........ The vid of me climbing hill is great as well I did not realize just how bumpy that was and I was driving it!!!!.....

Thanks again all and you to Scott.



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Guys (and Gals!), many thanks for a great weekend. Much better to put real faces and characters to forum names. Lots learned, and friends made. Sorry that I had to bale out today, I had a really bad night with a cold, throat infection and headaches, and really wasn't worth a button today, so I decided to head for home and a hot toddy (no, not another name for SWMBO!). Hope to make it back next year......
Well, having nearly scuffed up my holiday two weeks later, I think that I have got to the bottom of it..... I couldn't believe the coincidence of having exactly the same symptoms occur exactly 2 weeks later - even to the same hour of 8pm:wtf:. Turns out to have been a reaction to my Rabies vaccination, which is a series of 3 jabs (need for my Algeria overland in Nov/Dec). The first was at 5pm the Wed before Lincomb, the second was at 5pm the Wed before my hols. The final jab is this Wed, so I've already written off the following weekend:cry: Anyway, at least I now know what I won't be doing the week before my next Lincomb!