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My Hilux Build

Got a new project to join the Hilux

A Sankey wolf wildtrack
It even has disc brakes and they work,
Never had trailer brakes work when reversing, these do and the holes in my gravel drive from Hilux back wheels spinning prove it :)

Nice one.

I will be doing a sankey build over the winter I think.

Going to lengthen the a frame and make a demountable camper body for it.

Good luck
Nice look forward to updates
I want to refurb paint on this one. Paint grey like hilux
Then think about a removable pivoting lid to mount RTT and awning on
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An update on additions to the Hilux setup overs last few months

I made a ply box lid to go over the leisure battery, and covered it in carpet

LED lightbar on the roof bar


Replaced the 50l waeco fridge with a National Luna weekender, with 40l fridge and 10l freezer
And also made a small ply drawer to fill the space above the fridge, usefull storage area for small and light kit.
This space was wasted and unused and new drawer is great for storing lots of small stuff, like fishing kit, recovery straps etc that was often crammed in elsewhere

New drawer opened

Still got the smaller 18l waeco, which we used to use as a freezer, but it is more usefull to keep the beer and tonic in :)
Gas cylinder sits next to it and a bin

Not sure if I ever added a pic of the rock n road 4x4 webbing storage system in fitted under roof, great for storing jackets, fleeces, hats etc

Much like my own Hilux set up Andy, other than all the equipment and modifications of course.
Ahh well I have the room, just not the deer Andy. Well not yet anyway. Met a nice chap at Bad K who has wild boar. Might be up for a trip back to Germany ..