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My Hilux Build


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Apr 16, 2010
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Hope I am allowed to document build of my Hilux on here :eusa-whistle: after all its a Toyota :icon-cool:

Starting with some accessories for the rear tub, a removable storage system.

First I purchased and fitted a Bedrug to protect the load area, this is waterproof and can be jet sprayed and carry logs/junk etc when my storage system is removed.

IMG-20131127-01214 (Medium).jpg

I have ordered a custom made N&J aluminum overland canopy to be fitted at some-point in next few months, once it has been fabricated.

In meantime I have started on drawer build. I am using the method Sam used after discussions with Chris.
The main frame being 30cm cable tray, and I am building a system very similar to the African Outback drawers.
Sealed cartridge bearings used for the runners.
The drawers will be around 30cm in depth, 50cm wide and 120cm long. there will still be 25cm space at the front of the tub for water-tank etc. and 20cm wide spaces at each side, for leisure battery and other stuff.

so I made on-side from the cable tray after cutting and folding it.
I will be bolting profiled "cargo track" to the floor of the tub, then the removable drawer frame will bolt to these. when the drawers are removed, other tie-down loop accessories etc can be fitted to the cargo track, or a rubber strip I bought can be inserted along it to fill in the channel holes etc.

IMG-20131208-01218 (Medium).jpg

Then the otherside

IMG-20131209-01219 (Medium).jpg

bolted some bearings in place

IMG-20131209-01220 (Medium).jpg

The fitted back in tub, after adding some extra bracing

IMG-20131209-01222 (Medium).jpg

plenty of room for leisure battery in the side wings

IMG-20131209-01224 (Medium).jpg

And useful space at front of tub for water tank and other kit

IMG-20131209-01225 (Medium).jpg

Fitted more bearings and test fitted the aluminum channel runners for main drawers.

IMG-20131209-01226 (Medium).jpg

IMG-20131209-01227 (Medium).jpg

The unit top and drawers will be made from 12mm hexagrip

IMG-20131202-01215 (Medium).jpg

My plan is to make the drivers side top of unit a sliding panel, above the drawer, as a fridge slide - like the AO system
so both can be opened/closed independently

thats all for now :)
Brilliant idea on the drawers. They are coming along very nicely.
well done good idea with the electric channel. what you going to make the drawers from sorry cant wait.
brillent idea. well done all that came up with it.stu
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Great start Andy. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out :)

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Thanks for the credit there Andy. It was my idea but I never made any. Quite a bit of work but a MASSIVE saving. Ben went down that route too with his drawers. It's all that the African Outback ones are made from really. Once again it's the thinking that you pay for not the material. I might make a small set of vertical stacking ones for the back or to go where one of the rear seats fits. 3 or 4 drawers maybe. We'll see.

Nice work buddy. Tidy as ever.
Very nice and a great idea. Nice motor too.
Flipping fantastic, im watching with much interest and will follow suit.
That looks great Andy. Watching with interest.
Very neat and professional Andy, watching with interest :icon-biggrin:
do you have a supplier for handle / catches please. love the idea and getting the bits together now. I think i am going to do different size drawers.
do you have a supplier for handle / catches please. love the idea and getting the bits together now. I think i am going to do different size drawers.

No - just been looking on ebay and searching on here for them actually
i have flight case handles aready from my old drawer system
but looking for a different latch mechanism, preferably a sprung slam latch
i looked at a supplier i used to use for catches and they dont do them. there is another company i know off but cant remeber there name.
I am between jobs at the moment, so cracking on with my storage drawer build

Fitted cargo track, and protective rubber strip prior to filling the tub with elm logs i was shifting from chopping area to my log store

IMG_5820 (Medium).JPG

IMG_5823 (Medium).JPG

Fitted my drawer frame onto the cargo track bolts

IMG_5824 (Medium).JPG

Cargo track - T-bolts

IMG_5825 (Medium).JPG

strong shelf brackets used to make "wings" on sides of drawers for storage cubbyholes

IMG_5826 (Medium).JPG

the side wing area

IMG_5827 (Medium).JPG

cutting the Buffalo board sheet
IMG_5828 (Medium).JPG

Drawer tops made from buffalo board

IMG_5829 (Medium).JPG

IMG_5830 (Medium).JPG

one of side wings

IMG_5831 (Medium).JPG

Securing the top of drawers to the frame with rivnut inserts

IMG_5832 (Medium).JPG

space inbetween for fridge slide

IMG_5833 (Medium).JPG

fitted in vehicle

IMG_5834 (Medium).JPG

flush hex bolts secure board to frame via rivnuts

IMG_5835 (Medium).JPG
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Those are a thing to behold :clap: Love 'em :icon-biggrin: We need more dimensions and part number though, else how are we supposed to make our own :icon-rolleyes: Perhaps some links to suppliers :icon-smile: