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Planes and trains

Ecky Thump

Well-Known Member
Mar 4, 2010
Well folks, just thought I'd share something with you.

I grew up next to a busy railway line and never really noticed the trains because they were there all the time.
Now I live on the doorstep of Gatwick Airport and after a few months of living down here I also stopped noticing the planes.

This past few days you'd have thought would have been bliss. No such bl**dy luck. :roll:
All the little noisy Cesnas etc have had free reign to fly places they normally can't go and Crawley has been like a scene from a WW2 film with the little noisy bu**ers flying low all over the place. :evil:
I for one will be glad when the airport gets back to normal operation.

Weird subject for a cruiser forum I know :lol:


Super Moderator
Feb 25, 2010
Country Flag
I was wondering about that and thought that all folk who lived near airports must be having a great time enjoying their gardens for bbq's etc...

Dave Burgess

Well-Known Member
Apr 1, 2010
Very true Ecky, I live on the approach to Rochester Airport when not at the office and this weekend Mrs.B says the light aircraft have been busier than ever!

I have never been bitten by the flying bug, just as well at the cost :o but I am constantly annoyed by the loud exhaust note on most of these light aircraft (for which I would be arrested on my motorbike) and constantly amazed about the levels of lead in the 105 octane petrol that costs 60% the cost of road fuel (and on which my Aston Martin would nearly fly, but still not cook and stick its valves) - just don't start me on the Police Helicopter and Air Ambulance hovering at unearthly hours.

Fortunately the commercial pressures have once again caused Gordon and Lord Adonis (ridiculous title) to cave in again (Socialist values - my arse :evil: )and the airports will all be open in the morning - even if we did need to scramble 3 warships to prove a political point....

Yes I'm grumpy!