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Re ELCO Forum



He hasn't done it yet.
Clive Marks
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Hi Benoit,
Certainly not - I'm always keen to welcome new members.
At the moment we have around 300 members with as you can all see only a
handful of regular posters.
We have some excellent technical people on board, more so than other lists,
and most are willing to help provide advice.
My concern about growth is that I get approached by a lot of people
interested in ELCO, but they can't handle the email so don't join. If we
started providing a web based forum I can see the membership jumping to
2000+ very quickly and it will get to the point where the people with
experience will get fed up of answering all the questions.
So.. I want to launch the forums along side a searchable knowledgebase so
that when deeply technical responses are provided they can easily be
converted over to being part of a searchable FAQ section which will build up
over time. Then members will be encouraged to check the FAQs before posting
to avoid repetitiveness.
I'm still trying to get my head around the best way to approoach it, but if
I can structure it right I think it will benefit the community enourmously.
Julian Voelcker
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