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It will be on ebay next week for £13950...... :wtf:
How can a Lexus have an hdj marking? Is someone having a laugh
Actually this a very good truck. I've known the past 2 owners ( one a very good friend who put the 2" lift on before a cross European trip) of this and would have purchased this a couple of years ago myself if I didn't have the 24V auto I already have. The bodywork is in very good shape and mechanically its spot on. Yes in the past couple of years it has increased in value quite a bit ( as I've known what it changed hands for) but as I've said before," asking isn't marrying" and whether £18+K is achievable remains to be seen.

It's registered as a Lexus, that may be a peculiarity of the Japanese Domestic market but its an 80 , and a good one at that. Would I want it now at that price? probably not as its way up there with the best 100 series prices and I reckon they represent better value for money these days.
I thought the "450" referred to the 4.5L petrol engine but obviously not or has the diesel been retro fitted?
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It is Andy.. Jimmy has just departed with it.... Im gutted, But needed to be gone to move on to the next chapter....... Sad Day 'tho'...... (Yes, and your name came up) :lol:..... I hope someone on here ends up with it and carry's on the 5000 mile servicing........ Il have another one day, Clare was more upset than me....
Just a listing for it on the LC group. £7995
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would of just done you that 80 jacob..
your casting your net far and wide now andy.. :D