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Reverse connector switch wiring loom female connector

That's what I wanted to do, I thought the wires were broken off the reverse sensor but alas it couldn't be that easy. When I got the new sensor it has no wires coming out of it (This is the way they are by design) it's just a sensor with the male prongs directly on it, no wires. The wiring looms female connector then plugs directly on the the sensor, so I can't just join on 2 new connectors.

See random pic of sensor in link to understand:
I think I see what you are after but would have though the plug you want is part of the main loom,
so to get one from a dealer it would be would be impossible other than get the main loom.

The other way of doing it find a car that is being scrapped and find the plug you want, cut it off (leaving
plenty of wires) and then solder the new plug onto your car and then just plug it in
I got one in a breakers, was actually hard to get. Would be good to be able to buy the connectors individually. If breaked didn't have it I would of just used 2 little spade terminals, as suggested above but wanted to see if could get a new connector first.
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