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[SPAM][PF] Fwd ELCO Break witness



Helllo the guys,
This message under does not come to ELCO, so I sending it again!
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Benoit Bernard <[Email address removed]>
Date: 2008/9/25
Subject: ELCO: Break witness
To: [Email address removed]
Hello the guys,
Well I hope you all enjoy your week end event then even but we french
men cannot come too! Welll ok we have some very good foood and pretty
Well my red light did come on in the dash bored today. It says
breaking problem. Well hello I check the breaking liquid and she is
all full ! So I check too the little flotteur that flotes in the
liquid, she is not sunken. But still the little red witness is on! So
I did unplug the wires on the break liquid cap and voila the
dashboard witness does go away.
So then logique will tell us that the little break liquid cap is in
default. Well guess me the guys how much my friednly Toy dealer does
want for another little capichon with it's flotteur?
117=80 bordel de merde! I tell him no merci I think you do understand.
117=80 they have lose their reason!