Standard springs and wheels wanted



Hi all,
Whilst preparing my '95 FZJ80 (LPG converted, natch) for a wee trip
round Europe with the family today, I began to wish that I had some
stock ('street') springs and ally wheels as wells as the OME/steel wheel
combo fitted. If anybody happens to have either standard springs or
wheels (the wheels don't need to have tyres) that they'd like to sell
on, please drop me a mail at [Email address removed]
I live in the frozen North (near Carlisle) but get around the country a
fair bit, so collection need not be a drama.


Hi Andy,
I have some standard springs and could possibly source some standard wheels if required.
Email: [Email address removed]
Tel:=A0+44 (0)845 508 6863


Hi Julian,
Merry Christmas! Hope you and the family had a good 'un. I'm off to
Europe for a few days tomorrow, but yes, I'll take the springs please.
I don't think it should be a killer to courier them, so maybe we can
go for that? Anyway, let me know how much you'd like and I'll sort
out a paypal/cheque etc.
Hope the Cruiser business is brisk and your other ventures are going well.
I'll drop you a line when I get back (3rd) and we can sort it all out.
Have a great new year,
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