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Waeco CDF-25


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Mar 22, 2010
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Anyone have any opinions on the Waeco CDF-25 ?

Size isnt too important to me (litre-wise) . Just want to keep some meat frozen and keep some eggs and things in the fridge compartment.

I'm thinking I will rather get a new Waeco than a used Engel?
No opinion of that specific model but I've been very happy with my CF-35. The 25 might be a bit on the small side though?
and very happy with my 40-something litre - worked as a freezer flawlessly in France (at -18 for days ..) and didn't kill the deep-cycle battery.
Thanks guys.

Well I just ordered a CF-35. :dance: Hear it has a better compressor and has a little more space.

Includes a cover and brackets.

Now to wire up a power point in the rear from the leisure battery in the engine bay!
The CF-40 has exactly the same footprint as the 35 but is 5cm taller which is pretty useful ...