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What’s going up in power size like for a petrol auto?


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Oct 7, 2023
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Have a 1994 fz-fte auto with normal 31 sized tyres on it, and have wondered about putting larger tyres (33s) on the car with the next change over but was wondering about the difference in fuel usage and power, can anyone let me know what their experience with this is? Thanks
I'm in the same situation as you--'94 FZJ with stock 31 inch tires planning on going to 33 inches at my next tire change. As a general rule, your mileage goes down as your tire size goes up simply due to the increased mass. This is because most people who go to a larger tire also go to a wider tire. More rubber = more mass. You can mitigate this by going to a thinner tire.

The stock '94 rim is about 22 pounds each. Factor in the tire and you're looking at 40-45 pounds at each corner. You should weigh your current rim/tire combination and then try to get the a similar total weight if you want to preserve your mileage. The slight differences in diameter will likely not have any significant effect on your mileage--there's no need to even re-calibrate the speedo when going to 33s. Stepping up to the next tire size will yield better looks and a mild increase in off-road capability, but will not likely improve your mileage.
I run 33's, the speedo now reads accurately. No complaints on how it drives. Drinks fuel as always
When i bought mine, it had huge muddies on it, as i did more road driving (it was my daily drive) so i put 80/20 road trails on it and there was heaps more power and speed. so i would imagine it would go the other way if you went larger. Fuel consumption/distance per tank improve a fair bit as well...