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100 Series aircon compressor rebuild options?

Gary Stockton

Super Moderator
Sep 10, 2012
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Looking for advice / leads please. Aircon needs attention (again) - HP hose is fubar and it needs a new condenser, current one has a hole where none should be. I can sort those easily enough...

The challenge is the compressor. When it engages there's a lovely 'grrrr' sound which leads me to believe a bearing is kaput or on its way out, or maybe something else - but in any event something is not right.

Does anyone know if these things can be rebuilt, or if there's a 2nd hand 'good' one about? Price of replacement bits is into mortgage territory, even for non-OEM
Had a similar issue on the 120. Got a replacement from Opioil at the time which was the cheapest I could find. No idea why they sold Aircon compressors
In theory a bearing can be replaced, but not usually worth it. If the cylinders or pistons are damaged, its scrap.
Thanks. Spotted their page earlier today so will have a call with them