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Crazy Gap year CH4


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Sep 9, 2012
Looks like its the one we all wanted to see tonight starting now
Cape Town to Cairo
Driving African tracks by looking at the GPS and not the road??? WTF :naughty: Anyway, we're all smarter after the event - they were lucky to escape with minor injuries!
Did I see a radiator blind on there? Hmm wonder why it's overheating.

seems like the most dangerous part wasn't driving the truck by GPS :roll: but driving through bandit country where everyone said not to?
For a moment there I was thinking yep could have done things a little better there -d then I thought shut up you tw*t, they're out there actually doing it while you're at home watching this on TV. Considering everything, I think they did damn well to pick themselves up out of the pit and go get another vehicle and carry on after what could have been disasterous and they did get all the way to Port Sudan which is no mean achievment - I say big up to them :clap: :clap: , they went, they saw and they nearly conquered. Mind you a bit of a bummer having to get a jump start from a Land Rover :lol: :lol:

Just picking up on the Bandit country - nothing like it but I remember walking through Washington DC on a business trip when I thought it would be a nice walk from 15th street to 1st street to pick up a train at Union Station, briefcase and luggage in hand, 2 hours later I had really walked through bandit country - I wondered by police cars kept driving slowly by me - I find out later I had walked through the worse drug district in the US.
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Oh fresh fruit salad :( Missed it :roll: Oh well wifes away with work this week so will be able to catch it on the i player :thumbup:
Thanks for the link Rob...
They were very lucky to all walk away without a scratch!
Weren't they just. I thought it was an ambitious trip with three children. He was a bit gung-ho but as said above, at least they got it together fairly smartly and got moving again. Good program.

Another 80 destroyed. and they paid £12k to replace it I think I heard? Could that be possible? And one with duff batteries at that. :thumbdown:
I missed it but from the TV ads is saw i think they rolled their 80 in Namibia, if so then they could quite easily have paid that kind of money for it. A decent 80 series Landcruiser in South Africa and Namibia could quite easily fetch in excess of £10k. Thats why when i arrived in the uk and saw what they go for here i just about wet myself. :D

Respect to them for carrying on though, dirt road driving in Namibia is not to be taken lightly. Big open dirt roads and vast distances make it easy to drive at motorway speeds and feel comfortable and in control, until you have to react quickly to something that is...
Well the wifes away with work till Friday :thumbup: So I got all the kids into bed & asleep for 7:30 :thumbup: Sorted all of the school bags & nursery bags ready for tomorrow :D Put on some washing, cooked a pizza & settled down to watch it :D
I though it was very interesting & I'm pleased I made the effort to watch it :D You've got to take your hat off to them for pushing on after that accident :clap: It all took some cojones if you ask me :) Something I'm sure they'll all be talking about for years :mrgreen:
Just watched this and I have to say very impressive. It's sad how they cut it short in the end, but can totally understand why. Kids must have been bored sensless with all the driving.... makes you think long and hard about attempting something like this with kids.
Amazing trip.
Incredible that they managed to get going after the disaster.
Breaking rule 1 of overlanding in Africa was careless: No night driving - a reminder to us all.

Also, having been in touch with the Pindorias before and since their trip I can also let you know that the film is Channel 4's version of events. It has been edited to show C4's story, not their story.

They all loved their trip, the trip also continued through Jordan, Syria and back to UK.
Yep that was the interesting thing, they said that they cut short the trip and then threw in at the end they continued their drive through the Middle East - no small trip in itself - so they missed out Egypt - probably saved them totaling the new truck in Cairo where the driving is the worst I've ever seen - would rather drive through Namibia at night with a blindfold on at 100mph :D
Graham Smith said:
Amazing trip.
..... It has been edited to show C4's story, not their story.

They all loved their trip, the trip also continued through Jordan, Syria and back to UK.

Yeah you oforget that film/TV companies edit shows to how they want them to come across :roll:
watched it last night on 4oD

interesting watching it, an epic trip,

one thing i noticed they hardly wore seatbelts... but Ch4 slipped in a quick cut just before the accident with the mrs saying "kids put your seatbelts on" - next moment, it rolled!

shame ch4 didnt mention that they continued trip home to UK
I think they mentioned it in the voice over right at the end.

Definitely a lot missing from the program. They went from Nam to Uganda in the blink of an eye :D ;)

BTW I notice that they have a blog about the trip:
I see their blog says the Land Cruiser is for sale "ready to roll for another voyage" - is that dark humour? :o I also settled down to watch Bostwana and Zambia but must have blinked. I was wondering if they pulled from Epypt as the carnet etc is prohibitive.
interesting reading the blog - completely different story to what they showed for some incidents on the tv programme

e.g. the trailer towbar breaking and the engine cutting out and flat battery