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Known workshop manual errors


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Mar 26, 2010
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I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread on the above.

If we try to keep it not chit chat ect it may help when putting your pride and joy back together? If the format seems wrong or could be improved let me know.

Part: LC 80 wheel bearings
Manual: Max Ellery 'Toyota Land Cruiser 1990 - 2002 Diesel Engines'. Book code EP.T018
Page: 254
Paragraph: 'rigid front suspension'
Error: The front wheel bearing FINAL torque is set 48 ft-Ib and this is incorrect.
Evidence: FSM page SA 20 the final torque is 48 in-Ib.

Notes: If you follow Max's book and use the Newton meters scale then this appear's
to be correct. The text also appears to be correct i.e. pre load and then use a
spring gauge to get the correct setting which will be little more than hand tight.


Hi brothers.. I need your help... :((

I am from Vietnam and i have the Land Cruiser RJ70 like my avatar picture. I have a problem with

register, and now the police register need the catalog of my car, in there show the overall dimension, show the type of tire can be used. I had search on the internet in 2 week, but now i not yet find it..

Now i write this messenger to all brothers, i need your help to my car could run on my way..

My model is: RJ70LV-KR, my Frame is: RJ70-0007399, please contact to my by the email: [email protected] if you can help.. Thank you so much...
Try posting a 'wanted' advert for your manual, I am assuming the owner's manual?

Or perhaps download from this site?