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[LCML] J4 electric heated windows?



Anyone ever seen electrical heated windows for J4?
Just heard that these were apparently available in German, many many moons
ago....only learning about it now since an owner broke one of his, and now
wants a replacement....thusfar in vain.
I did know these existed for the split-windscreens of older Land Rovers, but
never saw any product for Land Cruiser (or any other vehicle, unless it was at
least a factory option, hence an OEM spare part)....and this LR-product was
originally made in the UK, so I had no reason to believe they would ever cover
(I *think* made by a company closely related to LR itself....could a Range
Rover or Discovery have even been one of the first worldwide OEM
(nah, I vaguely recall even more a Ford Scorpio, 2wd car....not sure though)
Would love to learn who made those back then, or perhaps even makes it
still....and check what would be possible today, both flat glass (J4) and
curved glass.
(HDJ-80 is nasty in extreme cold weather....can't keep both windscreen defogged
and hands+feet warm....once even turned on the auxiliary Webasto heater, as
there simply wasn't enough heat on non-throttle downhill sections (but high-
speed in dry weather, or a windscreen clogged with snow (and high humidity),
isn't good either)
Anyone remember something like this, from the old days?
I only know for sure it was for sale in Germany.
Interesting detail: both 12v and 24v existed, so it can't have been a very
small batch either.
Willem-Jan Markerink
The desire to understand
is sometimes far less intelligent than
the inability to understand
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