Lincomb Challenge Weekend 9/10 Oct - Registered people

Andrew Prince

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Feb 23, 2010
Hi Everyone,

This sticky is to keep track of those people registered for the next Lincomb event and to let people know that their registration has been received by Tony S. If you have tried to register and do not see your name here, then please contact Tony directly!

So far, registered are:

1. Gav Peter
2. BlackWidow
3. Charlie/Bigchaser
4. Matt Wright
5. Lorin
6. Chris
7. Erik Welge
8. Rodger
9. Ryan Thomson
10. Jimbo
11. Cossack
12. Rob W
13. Rich Edwards
14. Karl Webster
15. Jon Wildsmith
16. Andy Walker
17. Greg M

PS: Erik, I can't connect you with your username on the forum, so if you want your details changed to reflect this, then please PM me.