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My Hilux Build

Hi Andy

The Hilux project is looking really good, looking forward to seeing it with the top on and fully loaded with all of your kit load in to the draws

You have given me some ideas for my LC
Received a new circuit board from USA for my Scanguage - since i requested a firmware update - they sent new board!

The scangauge works well with my Hilux taking readings from the ECU and factory sensors in the vehicle via the OBDII port
, although some need programming in via Xgauge function in the device since only 12 are programmed as default
this saves me fitting my own senders and gauges :)

I programmed into two additional Xgauges to give me Torque conveter temperature in degreesC - labelled TFT on photo
and i was also able to get readings from another autobox temp sender that gives the main ATF temperature, this is often lower than the torque converter reading - i labelled this ATF
i also selected battery voltage and coolant temperature

many other sensor readings can be shown, like intake temperature, boost, throttle positions and more
dont think there is a EGT sensor though

2014-01-19 11.36.23.jpg
Nice, I doubt you need to worry about EGT until you start tinkering with fueling or boost.
hopefully the factory sender readings are good and accurate - i know people often say the engine coolant temp gauges on the landcruisers can be a bit innacurate, in terms of the needle only moving when really hot, and ATF warning light only coming on at 150degC
If I'm not mistaken, the senders are fine and it's the gauges that are hookey - damping resistance fitted to stop the uneducated going into a frothing panic.
yes it is the gauges that have a dead zone around the normal position on the older trucks. What you see on the scangauge will be accurate not desensitised Andy :icon-cool:
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I must get around to doing the temp gauge mod to the 100...probably at the same time I refresh the cluster bulbs.
Hi Andy
looking good m8ty, if you don't mind me asking were did you get your bedrug from?
I'm looking into the same mod to my Mk5 Hilux
There was no neat place (no space in dashboard) to fit CB radio in my Hilux, and i didnt want to bolt it to side or rear of the centre console,
so i bought an Outback roof ceiling console

I was pretty straight forward to fit, apart from the microphone for the factory bluetooth handsfree phone system, which was built into the factory map reading light unit.
so i removed the circuit board and fitted it to the inside of the roof console with screws, there were already speaker? holes in the console so i stuck the microphone for phone to one of these
The lights are LED and better than the originals, and there is a pretty sizeable storage compartment

not wired the CB in yet

2014-02-23 15.48.21 (Medium).jpg2014-02-23 15.47.43 (Medium).jpg2014-02-22 17.39.13 (Medium).jpg2014-02-22 17.38.59 (Medium).jpg
I put one of those in my first 80 series GX (no sunroof) and it was great. Just remember to put the mic on a nice heavy-duty retractor (see SimplyScuba for ideas) do it pops up out of the way when you let go - useful when off-roading ...
Gary - I saw some of those retractable gizmo's for mic's yesterday when i was looking for something else, will add to shopping list :)
Already expressed my admiration for this build but check out these puppies! Now that's what I call storage.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 09.40.58.jpg

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Not sure if they were made for an undertaker. Ha ha
Worked a bit more on the Hilux
first I moved my scangauge to the ash-tray slot, made a bracket to mount it internally, looks much better here

2014-03-02 13.08.48 (Medium).jpg

Then removed rear seats and started work on a storage module for the leisure battery, air compressor, inverter, and fuse box, CTEK charger and split charge relay will also mount on rear board on this unit

Cut some steel and welded up a frame

2014-03-09 14.37.46 (Medium).jpg

checked battery box fits OK - this will be strapped to the frame
2014-03-09 14.38.04 (Medium).jpg

RTT and Foxwing loaded onto vehicle ready for trip south to get the custom canopy fitted, and tent and foxwing bolted to it.

2014-03-09 14.02.20 (Medium).jpg

Cut and test fitted some ply and laminate board - will bolt the boards on once frame is powder coated

2014-03-09 15.45.40 (Medium).jpg
Some photos of the great canopy fabricated by Nick and team at N&J Aluminium Linings in Clitheroe

The made up the canopy and had it painted in matching metallic paint for my Hilux - on a jig

On Friday I arrived at their workshop with my mag RTT and Foxwing, so they could spend the day fabricating brackets to attach these to the canopy, then fit the canopy on the Hilux

before we headed to Wales to drive some lanes and connect puppy, and did a lane in in East Lakes on way home

2014-03-14 17.25.07 (Medium).jpg
2014-03-15 13.15.37-1 (Medium).jpg
2014-03-14 17.14.28 (Medium).jpg
2014-03-14 14.04.41 (Medium).jpg
2014-03-14 14.00.02 (Medium).jpg
2014-03-14 11.23.01 (Medium).jpg
2014-03-14 10.15.40 (Medium).jpg
2014-03-14 10.15.22 (Medium).jpg
2014-03-15 12.44.43 (Medium).jpg
2014-03-15 08.42.25 (Medium).jpg
2014-03-16 07.00.39 (Medium).jpg
2014-03-14 10.15.30 (Medium).jpg
Looking really good Andy :thumbup: Very smart indeed. Glad to see your showing it some action early doors. Any plans to tint the window in the rear upper tailgate?
thanks guys

not thought about tinting that window Scott - but sounds like a good idea, i will look into that

mulling over winch mounting at moment

TJM winch bumper looks nice - it doesn't stick out as much as the ARB bumper
with the TJM bumper it looks like you retain some of the upper factory bumper too - so it must be trimmed
and this might mean i can keep the pop-up headlamp washers

there are some hidden winch mount options
a UK company who makes landy stuff, but they havent bothered replying to my questions

and AFN hidden winch mount,

not sure if these two are airbag compatible etc

TBR hidden mount is airbag compatible, but only certain warn winches fit and i have a goldfish already...