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My Hilux Build

Those are a thing to behold :clap: Love 'em :icon-biggrin: We need more dimensions and part number though, else how are we supposed to make our own :icon-rolleyes: Perhaps some links to suppliers :icon-smile:

No parts no's i'm afraid, just lots of ebay buys :)

Looks very good. Will it be waterproof?

Not waterproof, so need to remove before truck goes outside. Getting a canopy to cover it next year anyway

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Looking great!

If you can paste links to your ebay buys it would be much appreciated :)
Looking great!

If you can paste links to your ebay buys it would be much appreciated :)

will do at some point - a heap of aluminium angle, corner protector, box, bearings, screws, bolts, rivnuts, washers, cable tray
and 2 sheets of 12mm buffalo board from Travis perkins
...and more progress the last couple days
..I can see why the outback drawers cost £1500 now!

so I added some corner protector aluminium section to the drawer top

IMG_5836 (Medium).JPG

and the fridge slide section - and last night prayed that there will be more than 48cm space between top of fridge slide and the canopy back hatch lip!

IMG_5837 (Medium).JPG

started on the runners for the fridge slide

IMG_5838 (Medium).JPG

aluminium angle attached to 1" box with rivnuts

IMG_5839 (Medium).JPG

close-up of the box section that runs between the bearings

IMG_5840 (Medium).JPG

IMG_5841 (Medium).JPG

fridge slide pulled out

IMG_5842 (Medium).JPG

IMG_5843 (Medium).JPG

finished bolting fridge slide together
IMG_5844 (Medium).JPG

and added "stopper" bolts to stop it pulling all the way out

IMG_5845 (Medium).JPG

closed fridge slide after i cut a slot in it to aid pulling it out and the space in front of the drawer system

IMG_5846 (Medium).JPG

now to make the main storage drawer - 28cm deep and 1.2m long :)

IMG_5847 (Medium).JPG

runner 1x3" box section attached (rivnuts inserted in the box)

IMG_5848 (Medium).JPG

and the smaller drawer under the fridge slide

IMG_5849 (Medium).JPG

Next I need to attach the runner box section to the right drawer
and then add edge protection strip and also L-section aluminium to form bracing internally in the drawers
will also fit horizontal guide bearings for main drawers
and more board on drawer faces, and the gaps at sides of drawers to neaten up the finish, and drawer handles and catches!
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Outstanding. Yes they are a lot of work aren't they. You know you can get push in plastic caps in most sizes that would finish off the box section nicely.

Did I say outstanding already?
thanks Chris
shame I cannot weld aluminium....:shifty:, would have been nice to weld some bits together
I had some 20mm plastic end caps, but these box sections are 1" for the fridge slide part... so need to order more

the larger 3x1" box on the main drawers will be covered by an additional, larger area sheet of buffalo board, so no need for me to cap them
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time for a beer soon...

Drawer system looking more complete now, well the main part of it is :icon-cool:
But lots little jobs still to do...:think:

need to add flight case handles to front of drawers, latches, and figure out a latch system for the fridge slide
then also add more screws and aluminium angle for bracing inside the drawers, internal drawer dividers and some false floor compartments too, as they are quite deep
also cut the hatches for accessing the side wings, next to drawers, by the wheel arches. these will have holes to stick a finger in to hook them out.
and some tie-down loops for the fridge slide to secure the fridge


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Very neat Andy. I'll need to have a chat to you about modifying my fridge slide when next we meet up!
That really is a very smart job you've done there Andy. You should be very proud of that. Maybe worth 2 beers! :lol:
That really is a proper professional looking job tis that, I'm very jealouse :)

Now time for that detailed list of components and suppliers please :) ;)
Beer and a Bowmore chaser :)

Reckon i have spent at least 30hrs on them so far. . .

Parts cost me £400 i reckon.

When i get canopy i will work phase 2

on electrics, e.g. Leisure battery fitting, inverter, plugs. Sockets, lights and switches and onboard water tank and pump etc
And upper deck storage for kit boxes and camping gear.
But phase 2 will be wait until spring.

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That is very nice - looks like pro install. :icon-cool: :thumbup:
okay..okay... the links

i got 3 lengths of 3m of 12" cable tray, only used 2 in end

and lots of other stuff, not used all of it,

3x of these 2250mm long - this stuff was too narrow for my 12mm buffalo board... but i have used it instead underneath the middle of the drawer frame to support the bits not on cargo tracking

2x these 2500mm long, main drawer runners

fridge slide runners - 4x 1250mm

3x 2500mm long

2x 2500mm long

i will never run out of these! why did i buy 50 of them!!! :wtf:


bearings for drawers - mounted vertical

guide bearings, to be mounted horizontally, not fitted yet

loads of screws and bolts

flanged nuts for attaching bearings

with these bolts, flanged

put between top of drawer unit and top board, where things are not level :icon-evil:

6 of these for side wings, but they are a bit heavy...

5x 1250mm, correct U channel for 12mm board! i probably need more

2 of these

2 of these boards

4 of these, 2 used so far, to bolt to floor of tub

and drawer unit is bolted to cargo track via 4 of these

got some of these just in case too - how much!

and these for ends


and infill strip, i have fitted when drawers are removed, when i carry logs, bikes etc in tub

think thats all

drawer unit is 122cm deep (i.e. width of the buffalo board) and about 110 wide (space between wheel arches) and drawer unit height constrained by the 30cm tall cable tray.
i still have 25cm space in between front of tub and the drawers for water tank and other stuff
no time travelling here!

i have always liked the Hilux, and since i shift wood quite alot for my wood burning stove and carry mountain bikes, a pickup is very practical for me,
much easier than using my twin axle trailer if i just need to shift a ton of wood for example

it took me about 10-15mins to dismantle and remove the drawer system from the pickup this evening
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Damn. That's all I can say.
Good man, that's exactly the list that we all wanted :thumbup: Infact it's probably much more than we expected :shock: :icon-biggrin:
Wow I go away for a few weeks and come back and find you've started an awesome build thread and your already on to page 2. :dance:

Top work on the drawer system looks great! :clap:

Cant wait to see the canopy. :icon-cool: