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Overland Queries - 'Misplaced' Reply




Re> AT oil cooler - am looking to get one of those fitted also.

Re LRFT - Good investment - will be worth it. If the budget will stretch
to it - might be worth considering an additional in line fuel filter and
fuel push pump to ease the potential associated strain in the Injection

Re 6th Wheel on roof rack > I've ripped out the back seats and so am
considering putting this in there with the water storage - purely to
keep more weight low down and as up front as possible. Going to limit
the roof rack storage to tent, recovery gear + 2 gerry cans.

Re> waypoints/hotel/campsite recommendations, I've come up with a few
addresses, any use to you? Want to trade!?

I'm doing the same but haven't catalogued any specific ones yet in a
spreadsheet or anything. Will definetly do a trade!!

Re> Konis - The whole shock thing has me running around in circles. Its
a mine field and everyone has different experiences and opinions.One
thing I rekon is that they're consummables and you'll be changing them
out somewhere along the trip. At the end of the day I'll probably go for
OME's and take a front and rear as spare. If I don't use them, or
someone I meet along the way dosen't need them - they can be easily
flogged at the end.

Keep an eye on Horizons Unlimited Forum - some great info there also...

Keep it lit!

1995 HDJ80
On 9/27/07, [Email address removed] <[Email address removed]> wrote:
I bet you've found by now this website:
Well, nobody's perfect :) But on a trip like this you'd better be.
Koni Heavy Track Raid, like Ohlin, Bilstein or HT, are built to last,
unlike those brands that are disposable, hence cheap. It doesn't mean
the cheap ones must always fail, but you won't be able to travel at
the same speeds as it is possible with quality shocks.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80 (auto)

RE > PPS. Talking to Chris at TBR , he was praising (and blinding me
with science!) the Koni shocks for serious off road overlanding with a
heavy (over weight!) 80 series. Do you or any one else have any views on
Konis? I know that Footloose 4x4 swear by them.

Do you know, or did Chris mention if the the Koni's have corresponding
springs - like the OME ones do?