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Portal free for MACs until May 24th


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Mar 1, 2010
For all you mac users, steam is now available for the mac and to celebrate steam is offering Portal for free. For those of you who dont know what im talking about steam is an online game distribution platform and the fact that its now available on the mac is a huge thing, its a first major step in macs becoming another viable gaming platform. try it out here You will need a 2 button mouse (not a touchpad) to play portal btw
No mac users interested? for the kids? (Portal is for 12 and over but there are others) games used to be the only major thing macs were missing out on (from an availability point of view). Oh well at least i tried
or maybe they installed it and now have realised that their macs are underpowered as well as proprietary and overpriced. :lol:

Jokes aside this is a huge thing for macs and i see is as my duty to inform all mac users on what they have been missing out on
Sorry Rob. Committed Mac user, therefore clearly a superior being as we all know, but gaming? Not for me I'm afraid. Lost too many hours of my life when they invented the Sega Megadrive. Not going back there again. Stronger addiction factor than drugs. Of course I could spend the time that I save not having to constantly fix my Mac to go gaming, but I prefer to spend it talking about Land Cruisers. :D

I just wanted to share the knowledge as this isn't something apple would shout about, i wasn't trying to start pc v mac thread...
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