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Recovered my neighbours stuck defender and trailer not once but twice this month


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Apr 16, 2010
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defender with poor tyres and trailer full of wood and mud, stuck twice.
1st time couldnt get past it, maxtrax and waffle boards didn’t help, and he started to wheel spin on my maxtrax so I aborted,
so plan B - used my handwinch to pull it up short muddy slope, then detached and lowered trailer with Hilux winch, and turned trailer around with the winch and towed it away with hilux

then this weekend got another call on phone “I’m stuck again “
so drove past it through mud hole, hooked it up to recovery strap and then towed it and attached trailer of wood out of the mud no probs

loved every moment




That's interesting Andy.... I did exactly the same this weekend. Good friend of mine, took his 110 out, to take the dog for a walk in the woods, but got stuck 3/4 mile down a muddy track, where it had been flooded a couple of weeks ago.
And exactly the same thing, he got stuck because of poor tyre choice!!!.... so I had to tow him out.
But like a numpty!... unlike you, I completely forgot to take any photos, which I could've used to give him some stick in the pub!!
BTW..... Too much weight in the trailer!!
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I will try and find it, but somewhere,I have a picture from years back that looks like my late friends 80 is pulling my Discovery, in fact I am towing him out backwards from getting bogged down in a rambla and had to do it TWICE!

So let's not mock the afflicted and play nice eh? :icon-biggrin: