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Serious failure on emissions.

Mrs has driven it, not myself yet, she says its running nice which it is.
I never mentioned to her about the instant stop on shutdown. but she did say about it so its obviously quite noticeable.
The engine sounds slightly different, a deeper note if that makes sense and the turbo whine more audible with the engine warm, might be something to do with having a clear intake and no butterfly fluttering about partially closing the intake.

Its up on ramps now, about to venture under.
Try a product called diptaine some Irish concoction that is fantastic. Great for cleaning the insides before a mot
Never heard of it before Stumog, i'll have a peruse.
Have you been a user yourself?

Forte never made a scrap of difference to the emissions at MOT time, though with the EGR/inlet down to maybe 60% of bore don't suppose it would.
An update for anyone interested.

Its been running great, some serious torque been released, full power accelaeration is noticeably improved.
Just popped in and had the exhaust emissions checked, MOT not due till next March but if it needed a set of injectors then loads of time to plan and execute.

Smoke reading came back at 0.98, so an easy pass, that was some cheering news on the way home from the dentist.
Moral of story get those EGR's cleaned out.
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