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Serious failure on emissions.


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Jun 17, 2019
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Thats a bind the 120 has just failed on emissions, circa 2.7 with a 1.2 limit.
Its also got an exhaust leak so that needs doing whatever.
Ran some Forte through the system and been giving it some beans for a few weeks to clean the crud out, which obviously hasn't done the trick.

Have been meaning to clean out the EGR and kicking myself for not getting ont with it last summer but would that alone be causing this?

Is there a Toyota 4x4 workshops who wants to do the job (maybe next week?) on this within suitable distance of Northampton, maybe its time for new injectors too, been a couple of years since i checked on techstream but seemed all ok then.

Or do some MOT stations work on the higher limit? sure it used to be 3 at one time for the given age, ie 2005.
I thought the limit was still 3 for a pre-2008 turbo diesel unless there's a manufacturer's sticker on the vehicle saying it should meet a lower limit. I'm no diesel expert though so it may be worth challenging the MOT station and see where they get their info from.


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Much obliged Karl.

I'll get the garage to fit the new exhaust as arranged but another MOT station would appear to be the answer, don't want to get into0any argy bargy with where i usually go because their general car work for all our family is good.
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Simple error could cost them and customers dearly , print off karls attachment and ask them to double check .

I assume your car is home waiting on a new exhaust so your not choosing a battle but rather doing them a favour if your right and they made a mistake .
A few years ago a MOT tester failed our Toyota Yaris diesel on emissions. They told me it needed a new cat converter. I sourced one off eBay, fitted it which took me a while. But before I took it back I looked up the fail code (wish I had done this first) - because they had done petrol car emission test !
so I got it tested and passed at another garage.
I took it back to place that failed it and manager didn’t belive me car was diesel so we went out to carpark and I started it up - yes that’s a diesel !
they refunded me for test, and all the parts I bought…
Simple error could cost them and customers dearly , print off karls attachment and ask them to double check .

I assume your car is home waiting on a new exhaust so your not choosing a battle but rather doing them a favour if your right and they made a mistake .

Yes, going to let them fit the exhaust next week and i'll take it elsewhere for the MOT.
Lesson learned, they're a handy garage that also have a tyre and exhaust bay but won't take anything in for MOT there again.

Had a quote from MIJ at Walsall for a stainless exhaust custom made and fitted, circa £450/500, would get it done there if we had more time but its a 5 hour day once you get there and 75 miles from home so add another £40/50 in fuel and lots of hanging about...they do an excellent job mind, they've put stainless systems on two Subarus for us, if you think Toyota OE systems are expensive be sitting down before Subaru quote you.
Righto, MOT passed a few weeks ago, thankfully i have next week off so chance at last to get some jobs done without being under time pressure.

Today i've had the EGR valve out and cleaned it and the opening to the inlet manifold, EGR was as expected filthy, will put it back together tomorrow.
The carbon residue was oily wet, which has me wondering about fitting a catch can.
Any suggestions about this and if so what kit would you buy and where from?
Did you have to do anything else to get it to pass or just take it somewhere wot follows the rules? Haha

Egr - Mine was the same - did it a few weeks ago when the coronation was on :) 92000 miles and doubt it's ever been done - pic attached

I think id prefer it to be a bit oily rather than an abrasive powder - unless someone knows better - so will be interesting to see peoples opinions on it....


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Juddian, I would tend to agree with Karl, if it's sticky s**t, it would tend to stay roughly in the same area and not blow like soot all inside.
As regards the catch can, dont get one with small in/out 10mm I think get the bigger size one 15mm I think, smaller restricts breathing.
TONYCY11 you know,(deleted from this forum) has done all that, and has the full details on here if you search. Its all in blanking off egr on 120. He can confirm my aging memory on sizes
He's a real expert with the d4d, and I can put you in touch with him if you PM me.
Cheers lads, yes i've read Tony's posts here and elsewhere about the catch can and other modifications.

Just umming and arring at the moment wondering what to do for the future, mine's done 116k and the build up was worse than yours Karl, good points about dry/wet situation, lots to think about.
In the end the place which fitted the exhaust passed it, my mrs dropped it off that morn and they were under strict instructions that if it wasn't going to pass don't test it, but that'll be the last time they see the motor, i've often wondered about the 3.0 limit not being applied.
Well, thats the EGR valve body cleaned, also the reachable parts of the inl;et manifold.
Decided against removing the manifold because don't want to disturb injector pipes unless i'm goiing to change the injectors themselves, ditto the reason i didn't fit the blanking plate with specific hole.

We'll see how she goes for a while.
If and when the time comes for new injectors will be the time to do the manifold and blanking plate.

Surprised how simple the job was after all, fortunately the only thing i dropped down the engine was the socket and ratchet when undoing the very first 10mm bolt holding the plastic cover on.
What isn't surprising is how long these sorts of jobs take now the years are ticking by ever faster.
No luckily, at first i couldn't see it and assumed the worse, thankfully it was lodged on the exhaust down pipe.
Forgot to mention, took a while to drill the butterfly flap out.

Will have it up on the ramps later in the week if the weather holds, paint the new exhaust in zinc paint and slap some grease and ACF50 about where the previous anti rust applications have weathered.
Great! Please let us know what you think of the butterfly mod! Also have you got techstream - be interesting to see your live data now it's removed!
Ah techstream, er yeah.
Have it alright, its on an old Windows 10 laptop which we can't presently find, hopefully it'll turn up in due course and will link it up and see.

Haven't driven it yet, but an interesting thing is that before doing this if i floored the throttle as if on an MOT test there was previously a small trace of black smoke whilst the truck spooled up, that's now disappeared.