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Spare part front windscreen wiper motor for 80 series


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Oct 2, 2023
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Anyone know where I can get a spare front windscreen wiper motor? Tried several online parts suppliers and our local 4wd repair shop with no luck. Is there a different model wiper motor that can be used in lieu? Mine has an intermittent fault. Fails to turn off sometimes. Currently pulling the fuse everytime it wont park.
There must be millions of them out in OZ. I'd look at LandCruiser specific breakers.
Thats what I am doing. They have either not responded or come back with none-available. Rear window wiper motor yes. Front, none yet.
From looking at the compatibility on Amayama its specific to the 80 series.
Try taking it to bits and cleaning the contact slider. They get grease/corrosion on. A good polish and light oiling should sort it. Done a few but not on a LC.
Bit pricey, but these guys are great to deal with -

Ive bought quite a lot from GoodState, so may be able to get that discount rate if you want to go down that route.

I also highly recommend trawling all 4x4 breakers globally.
There's millions of these trucks in the middle east and across Australia and even the US

As frank rabbets said, it is definitely worth having a go at the park switch and cam mechanism on the damaged one - you have nothing to lose really.
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