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Transfer box removal 120 / 125 series model Manual 5 speed


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May 28, 2014
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Can anyone confirm please with regard to the following model: 3L diesel Manual 5spd gear box

1 - How many bolts are bolting on the transfer box, is it 10? I count 10 including the partially unscrewed one in my pics. Just double checking.

2 - Am I correct in my first picture where I believe the transfer box separates from the manual gearbox?

3 - In my pics, that partially unscrewed top most bolt, there's one either side of the transfer box, are these part of the mounting bolts to the gear box? It looks like they are but I can't unscrew them fully due to that cylinder object on the transfer box blocking them.

4 - Would anyone have a guide to removing the transfer box and the gear box as separate items?



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Ok, I got the Transfer box off, figured it out the hard way, I didn't separate it from the gear box at the point I was asking about in my previous post.

I'm having an issue posting pics at min but I have a pic of a broken spring that connects to the little gear lever rod, I'll try post a pic of it later. I disconnected the 4 bolts bolting the little gear lever to the top of the transfer box, did I need to do this? Would anyone have a Toyota part no. for the spring, theres 2 of them at the lever rod.

My next question is, as I'm removing the gear box next, how do I deal with the gear lever? Do I need to disconnect the 4 bolts that bolt it to the gearbox or should I remove the gearbox with the gear lever connected? I'm guessing there are more little springs at the gear lever too just like the transfer lever?

Edit - ImgBB is back working so have pics now:

What is this broken sensor on the gearbox? It was taped up very shoddily by previous owners



Could someone help with a part number for this spring please?
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