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Corroded filler pipe replacements/alternatives/mods?


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Jun 4, 2019
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Hi everyone,

My filler pipe is fairly corroded, (caught before it rotted right through anywhere though) and I'm loathe to replace it with a whole new £100+ pipe. It was a nightmare to get out, seemingly fitted in the factory before the body went on... I dread to think how difficult a new one would be to get in short of jacking the body up... Has anyone cut the old filler pipe and clamped on rubber tubing or is this a big no-no...?



You could give Gary a call on 07973 109 420 he has a 100 there as have had a steering lock off of him recently but as with the bug situation could not say if he is working you could also try Karl Webster or Chapelgate they may have or know of someone who has what you need
On the 100 series it can be done by raising the body slightly.........

I changed mine (80 series) by cutting and joining as it’s a tighter fit and needs more of a body lift, apparently.......
I thought the breather pipe was to prevent it coughing back through the filler while actually filling the tank?
Yeah air has to come out to let fuel in , we use over sized filler pipes on boats so we can "dump fill" 500 litres or whatever . Toyota prob made it a separate pipe so filling was silent instead of gurgling .
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Thanks guys! On closer inspection there a few pin holes. I'll go down the rubber hose route. Seems to be enough good metal to play with at the filler end. May also run a breather hose. Not sure. Will certainly be easier to refit in rubber!
Suggest you do a breather as well, as the filler pipe is not very big, but fairly long and horisontal. It is possible to change the pipe complete without removing anything major, or lifting body. I recently changed out the tank and filler with anti-rust treated 2nd hand parts.
Rubber most of the way should be good.
I had pin holes (or rather porous areas) in the tank. It's a lousy construction with that flange around the middle.
I have had to change both the tank and filler pipe. I used genuine Toyota parts (thanks, Simon).

It is possible to get a new filler pipe between the body and chassis - just - I jacked the body slightly without having to undo anything. Its a fiddle though.