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80 series

  1. R

    Harrop E-Locker a word of warning....

    Dear Forum, Joined you all last year and I am a greenhorn with my first 80 series. Here is a tail of woe that I hope others can benefit from..... I purchased an Ex Yugoslavian UN HZJ80 in September last year, that was produced in 1996. Sadly it wasn't fiitted with factory front and rear...
  2. BRE Fabrications LTD

    DIY Front Winch Bumper Kits

    Hey Guys, I'm going to making myself another winch bumper soon, would anyone ben interested in a DIY weld together kit? (I've posted this on Facebook and seems to have generated one interest, hence I thought I'd check in here). Bumper construction is a combination of 4mm, 6mm & 8mm Mild...
  3. M

    Speedometer quit

    My ‘94 80 series, Cruiser with 287,657 miles, just had the Speedo stop working. What’s the first things I should check? Thanks for advice!
  4. O


    So, just joined after 10 years of 80 ownership. I’ve lurked for years and gained a huge amount from researching the threads - thank you to all active contributors. So, following a format posted by Andrew… I’m Oli I have a 1993 VX 12v 80 with 328k and a stunning amount of service history. I...
  5. M

    Looking for a Alu roof rack - not at pharmacy prices

    Hi all Cruisers I have a 1996 Toyota Landcruiser 4.2 24 V VX Limited (HDJ81) which I would like to kit out for Africa. So I am looking initially for a aluminium roof rack , possibly later some other gear like roof tent , ladder, hi lift, light bar, camping fridge etc I have a very...
  6. C

    Help needed ASAP 80series low pitch vibration under load

    Hi Team I have a vx80 1990 4.2 manual I towed my boat off the beach the other day with the centre diff lock engaged now it has a low humming vibration under load mainly around 90 kph if you hold the throttle stable on it is a noticeable low tone vibration but doesn’t sound like it’s comeing...
  7. K

    80 series clutch released clunk

    Hey guys, new here first post I went to look at purchasing an 80 series today and everything else is in perfect condition except for this one noise that happens in neutral. When the clutch is released in neutral there's a clunk noise that seems to come from around the transfer case, it happens...
  8. A

    80 Series Dash Clock Frozen

    My 80 Series Dash Digital Clock has frozen in 12:36 with a random O after the time which I’ve never seen before. When try to reset the time it doesn’t change at all, I’ve tried every combination of buttons with no luck. I haven’t got any fuse issues that I’m aware of, the radio, internal light...
  9. Bodie

    Rear Bumper Spare Wheel Carrier!

    Just noticed this on Ebay and one of the images shows a rear single spare wheel carrier, which looks like it's been fitted to the standard 80 Series rear bumper. The problem is, the photo is not brilliant and looks...
  10. 20211118_063625.jpg


  11. C

    Forgot to introduce myself.

    hi all, just remembered I didn’t introduce myself, My name is Noel, from the North west of Ireland, bought my first 80 just before lock down off e bay with some sketchy pictures.Hoping to use it as my run around, have a 13 Ford ranger and getting fed up of egr and dpd issues from lack of use...
  12. KaiKingma

    Swapping crank battery

    Hi there Im wanting to mount my BCDC charger like this and i've heard its best to mount it as close as possible to your aux battery, but my cranking battery is on the passenger side. Would it be best to just run a thick cable from the Drivers side (aux) battery to the Charger or is it possible...
  13. O

    Center Diff Lock stuck on

    Need help! Just last week I purchased a FZJ80 series Landcruiser. I went into Low Range, which prompted the center diff lock light to light up on the dash. I tried pressing the button to get the light off which didn't work, so I went into High Range, which still didn't work. I tried to do...
  14. P

    Custom Wheel Carrier Build

    Hey guys, I got a heap of great ideas from this forum and thought I would share my build with you guys.
  15. Daniyal Tahirkheli

    Zelena the LC80-- '93 HDJ81 from Pakistan

    Hi!! Greetings from Pakistan, this is my first thread... ever! tbh... '93 LC80 nicknamed Zelena is my first project. bought in Dec 2017 in completely stock form. The below pic is from the first few days :) Over the past 2yrs all the mods done to date have been budget mods on a very tight...
  16. J

    Timing belt issue on 80 series

    Looking for a second opinion on a timing belt issue we’re having. Long story short, the truck had a brand new genuine timing belt kit 12 months ago and 25,000 miles later the old water pump started to leak. After the new water pump was fitted, we put the timing belt back on in the correct way...
  17. Toxicmasculinity

    Intermittent Sluggishness 1997 HDJ80 1HD-FT

    Looking for some advice on the best way to diagnose some intermittent sluggishness I've been having. I drive my '97 HDJ80 most days and sometimes it pulls like a train and other time is struggles a bit. I believe it might be a fuel pick up issue as I've noticed when driving up hill sometimes...
  18. J

    Fuel neck filler pipe wanted for 80 series.

    My fuel neck filler pipe is leaking, but cant find a new one anywhere which fits my model. Milner offroad sell a new one which only fits the 1992 model and upwards. Mine is a 1991 12 valve hdj80, if anyone has had similar problems or knows where to find one that would be much appreciated?
  19. Mr_Red

    A deranged obsession

    I have always wanted to get out and see the world, but my interest in overlanding using my own vehicle was really sparked by joining my brother for the last leg of his road-trip from Wales to Kyrgyzstan back in summer 2017. Granted I only joined for 2 weeks, I have never felt so free as we...
  20. S

    LEAK! Unsure of what this is or how to fix! Please help

    Not the most mechanically minded but I have a leak in what looks like a coolant line but I am unsure. Is it an easy fix? If so can anyone link me to the part I will need. Thank you,
  21. S

    An 'is this amount of rust OK' thread...

    Hi all, Looking for an 80 and have found a couple which looked OK from the outside but MOT history revealed a long and bitter battle with rust... As a former defender owner I am quite aware of what damage rust can do to a car, and I think I'm right in saying that in LCs body rust is a bigger...
  22. S

    Ki ora from NZ

    Sam From Christchurch, New Zealand. Proud owner of a 1995 80 series vx limited, 4.2L HD-FT auto land cruiser. It had been the old man's truck for about 15 years but finally has been handed down to me at a pretty mean price. Some of the mods that me and the old man have put on it over the past...
  23. Stu156

    front bumper issues!

    Hi All, So we had a little issue in Austria a few weeks ago when my lovely wife managed to skid down the road and park Leeroy in a cliff face (It was a bit slippery, so not entirely her fault!). Anyway she hit the rock at around 20mph. It has damaged the bullbar, bumper and bonnet (see...
  24. J

    Parts needed urgent!

    hi all, New to this forum, I have a 1991 hdj80 12 valve and I am stuck for a couple of parts. I need: •high pressure oil pipe from engine block which runs to vacuum pump. • mail diesel pipe which runs from where you fill up to the tank. If anybody could help I would appreciate it as I am...
  25. StarCruiser

    Nice looking 80 for auction on EBay.

    Looks clean, low mileage and has a pretty good description from a seller with a sense of humour and a crippling bone disease. Seems to love Milners parts though.
  26. danakittilsen

    Canadian HDJ81 moving to Europe

    Your name: Dana Kittilsen Your Cruiser: A 1991 HDJ81, 330 000+ km on the 1HD-T Mods on your Cruiser: 2.5" suspension, 35" tires, snorkel, cellular remote controlled webasto, Vinyl wrapped, 90L aux tank, converted to run on used vegetable oil, front bumper with winch, rear bumper with 80L slip...
  27. lockie

    my story; removing the cylinder head 80 series 1HD-T

    well let me start by saying, what i did this weekend was (what i thought) slightly beyond my mechanical knowledge. So you may have to excuse me... i might not be calling certain parts by the right name. And why was i removing the head you might ask.... for the past 4-5 weeks i've noticed that...
  28. D

    90 series MOD's

    Ok I am new to the 4x4 scene and have bought a 1999 Toyota Landcruiser Prado and currently upgraded to central locking, interior lights and reversing camera and currently looking into adding a bull bar, winch and driving lights in the coming weeks/months. My question is whether I can fit a 80...
  29. Kamal

    Looking for my next 80 in the UK

    I have just moved to the UK from Kenya where I owned a couple of Land Cruisers, an 80 series and a LJ70 with which I travelled extensively in East Africa. I am now planning an overland trip across Asia in a couple of years time and looking for an 80 series again and have just started my search...
  30. S

    Torque problem in my 80 series land cruiser petrol

    Hi guys! My 80 series cruiser has a 1fz fe engine and the problem I'm facing is that it does not accelerate the way it should.What should I do?
  31. D

    For Sale: OME Caster Correction Bushes 80 Series

    Hi, before these go on ebay.... OME Caster Correction bushes to fit the radius arms of an 80 series. I bought these when I fitted to 2inch lift but they really are not necessary for that lift. I think they are 2 degree correction (I'm getting old, can't remember!) Genuine in the original...
  32. A

    Diff lock, demister and fan not working

    Hi All - any suggestions please.... I just installed an after market radio which works just fine ... however ... Once I got everything on the dash back together, the diff lock, internal fan (aircon) and the rear demister switches (all in the same general area on the dash) don't work. I have...
  33. M

    Need help asap 80 series petrol/gas

    Need help with my 80 series landcruiser, 4.5l petrol/gas it has been laying around the yard and the other day i went to go fire it up but it didnt so i went down and got a new battery, it ticks over but wont fire up. is this a fuel problem or something else need help asap!
  34. kev-martin

    80 Series Steering & Gearbox Guards

    LFD have steering guards and gearbox guards on ebay at excellent prices I've bought a pair for my Cruiser (rude not to as I am related to the business owner). well impressed with them The board won't let me post URL's at the moment. Do a search for landcruiser steering guards and you should...
  35. B

    Air con for 80 series required

    Hi All, just acquired an awesome 80 series for an overland trip. No air con though. Since I'll go through all 4 seasons, it may be a welcome addition. Any ideas if its possible to fit an air con and the rough cost? Can anyone point me in the direction of anyone able to provide a kit second hand...
  36. A

    Engine Conversion, wich type?

    Hi I have a 92 80 series with the 3fe petrol engine. I have been thinking of a few options and I hope you can give me some advice on the options buy cost and compatibility and POWER. To have the 20 year engine reconditioned and have a bullet supercharger placed on it, my concern is that for...