1HD-FT top dead dentre (TDC)



Hi All,
Prefacing this post is my usual sob story about how my engine manual and
most of my tools are in a land far far away.... consider it sobbed.
Anyway, I desperately need to do the valve clearances on my '97 GX 80 series
and realise that I've completely forgotten how to find TDC! In know you
need a 32mm socket to turn the crank (check) and I seem to recall taking the
t-belt cover off before - but after that, I'm blank.
Please someone refresh my somewhat amnesiac memory as there is a bit of a
top end rattle when the engine is warm.
Cheers - Andy
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On 8/23/05, Andy Bell <[Email address removed]> wrote:
In the absence of an English version of the 1HD-T manual on the web we
have to make do with whaterver is available.
Open this document:
http://toyserie8.free.fr/Moteurs/manuel _moteur_1HD_FT v1.pdf
Go to page 39. Look at item 9. - drawing P23239
The positioning of the marks is identical as for the 1HD-T engine.
Hope it helps
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
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